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Apr 30, 2022

What does a long-time editor of The Capital do when he takes a buyout and moves on? Well, if you are Rick Hutzell, you jump headfirst into a new venture with Meta called Bulletin, and start an incredible newsletter called Meanwhile, In Annapolis! Today, we pulled up a bench at the Ellen O. Moyer Park at the Annapolis Maritime Museum & Park's other campus to chat!

Always a fan of long-form journalism, this platform allows Rick to take a deep dive into the goings-on in and around Annapolis. Want the backstory on Carrs Beach? Maybe what is happening with the new congressional boundary lines? Or how Ruby Blakely is looking to start a viral black and white movement? 

If you ever wondered about the noises foxes make--he has that too--but have a dictionary at hand before reading that one!

The newsletter is free (so go subscribe) and there is a premium option for additional content (subscribe to that as well--well worth it). 

Have a listen!