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Sep 13, 2021

He sings. He plays guitar. He plays piano. He plays the violin. And he will be coming to Rams Head On Stage for a special all-ages matinee show on October 2nd!

We're talking about AJ Smith who is a crooner and a balladeer that got the attention (and admiration of Billy Joel) for a song penned during the COVID 19 pandemic.  With parents and grandparents from Annapolis (and a trip to the old hospital way back when), AJ is excited to be able to get a home-stand concert in on his current tour that is taking him from Nashville to New York.

No covers. All originals. AJ Smith is a name you will want to remember, and this is a show you will regret not seeing if you aren't there on October 2nd!

Have a listen as we chat about his time in Annapolis growing up, his music, where he's been, and where he's headed!

Have a listen!