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Jul 31, 2021

COVID has thrown everyone for a loop and right now, there are many people still looking for work. There are many that are looking to change up their work. There are many businesses that are struggling. And there are many that are flourishing. All of this adds up to a robust market for the buying and selling of businesses.

Today, we are speaking with Steve Palmer of Transworld Business Advisors based in the Annapolis Town Center to talk about the state of business in Anne Arundel County. Why are businesses being sold? Who is buying them? How to buy and finance a business? And what his role is in the process (spoiler: it's critical). Of course, we get off-topic and talk about the restaurants and all sorts of other things; but if you have a business and are looking to sell; or are thinking of going into business for yourself... first step is here with this Local Business Spotlight, and your next would be to call Steve!

Have a listen!