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Mar 30, 2024

Gamers, listen up! Token is a quickly expanding gaming emporium in Edgewater!

While I am a bit out of my element, James Cloud, the co-owner of Token, laid it all out for me. From their initial opening in the midst of a pandemic to two expansions, Token has kept on thriving, all without a lot of promotion and fanfare!

There are board games, card games, dice games, and even some old-school games! The arcade has classic arcade games, including pinball, and plenty of play space for you and your friends to come and play (or learn to play) Magic The Gathering and Pokemon, among others.

Let's talk about the Omni Arena, a virtual gaming room where teams compete with others worldwide. Sometimes for fun, and sometimes for cash- big cash!

If you are a gamer, or want to learn about gaming...

Have a listen!