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Nov 27, 2021

Just in time for the holidays, Stardust Deluxe has opened up at the Annapolis Town Center. 

If you are a woman between 30 and 80 with a flair for vintage, luxury, or simply unique clothing, Stardust Deluxe is for you.  Gents will have to wait a bit until the men's shop opens!  

Today we speak with Stacey Ferrance who is the owner of the newest boutique in Annapolis about the store and her background as a costumer for some of your favorite Hollywood movies and how she made that shift--it was pretty natural! We tried to get her to spill the dirt on Kevin Spacey...but no go!

You can visit their website, but the real experience is when you walk in the doors.  Tell Stacey we say hello!

Have a listen!