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Oct 31, 2020

Few local companies are as civic minded as Papa John's Pizza. With ten locations from Annapolis to Southern Maryland, Chesapeake Bay Area Pizza is always looking to give back.  Easiest way is to use APDSCHOLAR40 when you check out and save 40% and give some to the Annapolis Police Department Foundation for scholarships!

With about 200 local employees, this locally owned franchise regularly feeds 4000 pizzas to the Brigade of Midshipmen at the Naval Academy (we learn how they do it), has been known to correct a Domino's Pizza problem (you read that right), and found a way to maintain the local roots here in Anne Arundel County. 

We speak with native Annapolitan and general partner in the franchise--Ray Sears!


Local Facebook Page 

Papa John's  (online ordering)

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