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Aug 31, 2019

Maryland Hall has been pushing arts to Anne Arundel County for 40 years thanks to the likes of people like Ellen Moyer, Linnell Bowen, Dennis Younger and Mike Busch. And what a fantastic first forty years it has been.

The torches have been passed (for lack of a better word) and we talk with Margaret Davis who is the President and CEO of Maryland Hall to talk about the history and the exciting future. How she sees the organization as an outreach more than a destination and how she plans to bring Art For All to our greater community!

If you have not seen Maryland Hall in the past few years, please do. Even if you have not been there in the past few months--there's something new and exciting!

Have a listen! And here's your link to check them out, get tickets to Arts Alive! or to become a member or donate! As you should!  

Up next Saturday: Anne Arundel County Public Library!

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