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Sep 29, 2021

In this month's podcast with the beer gurus at Katcef Brothers we welcome fall with open arms, but a little bit of summer still lingers as a squall rained on our parade/podcast!

The Golden Ticket is back. Be sure to follow us and Katcef Brothers for the details...this Friday (10/1) from 4-7 pm at L'Atittude 38 on City Dock. Come out, get some Navy and Bud Light swag and you might score 4 tickets to Saturday's game against UCF including parking!

We chatted about a new vodka drink called Nütrl with zero carbs or sugars--listen up keto people! There are some new Winter beers on the horizon. But the big news...

The Military Bowl is back on December 27th and along with it the Who's Your Hero? promotion (stay tuned) and equally important, the famous Budweiser Clydesdales will be leading the Military Bowl Parade this year again! Katcef and Budweiser will have all sorts of fun for you when the horses are in town so stay tuned!

It was fun. As always!  Despite the rain!

Have a listen!