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Oct 30, 2021

When October ends, it means that the holiday season is upon us and in Anne Arundel County, that means the return of Galway Bay's Irish Egg Nog!

We sat down with Anthony Clarke and Sean Lynch to talk about the origins of the egg nog and really what is the secret ingredient that sets this apart from all the others!  We talked about the guy who drives from Michigan to pick up several cases and then drives back (that's dedication) to exactly how much they produced in Ireland for this year--because once it is gone, it is gone!

And did you know they have Galway Bay Irish Egg Nog ice cream now too? ONLY available in their restaurants as a dessert or for takeaway in pint containers. It's a perfect addition to pumpkin pie at my Thanksgiving dinner. This is a partnership with Always Ice Cream (formerly Annapolis Ice Cream) and sorry kids--you need to be 21 to get this treat too!

It is only available for a limited time (or until the supply runs out) and ONLY available here in Maryland. The easiest way to score a bottle or ten is to order online and then pick it up at Galway Bay, Brian Boru, Killarney House, or Pirate's Cove along with lunch or dinner! Of course, it is also available at your favorite liquor store!

Have a listen and then put in your order before it's all gone!