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Sep 28, 2020

NOTE:  This podcast was recorded prior to County Executive Pittman allowing indoor concerts.

When I first heard the word "hydroxylator," I was thinking it was something that Doc Brown from Back to the Future may have invented. But I was wrong!

The Hydroxylator is an invention created here in Annapolis by AC Beverage to help their customers get back in business as fast and safely as possible. The Hydroxylator takes distilled water, runs it through a metal screen and then a light, creatng hydrogen peroxide that is ionized and is continuously distributed into the air of a venue to kill the COVID-19 germs. I thought it was a pretty big reach for a company that manufacturers beer distribution systems, but I was wrong!

We sat down with Charlie Kleinrichert the founder of AC Beverage and Kyle Muehlhauser the owner of Rams Head On Stage which is one of the region's early adopters of the technology along with Bay RIdge Wine & Spirits and Adam's Ribs.

As you begin to see these around, now you know the science behind it!